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The Committee on the Digital Environment at Rice (CODE) is established to develop an ongoing strategy that encompasses the complex circumstances and conditions relating to digital phenomena at the University. This digital environment is defined in a comprehensive way, and representative members of CODE will include those presently responsible for the maintenance, management, and development of digital content and infrastructure, as well as those constituencies that contribute to our digital resources and tools and routinely extract information from it. Members will also be drawn from academic initiatives and programs that focus upon information and information delivery as areas of research. This encompassing definition is itself meant to foster recognition of a pervasive, currently disaggregated set of activities that requires a more coherent, deliberative program to achieve the aspirations of the university.

The process of this committee will entail three phases. Phase One: we will inventory the various elements of the digital environment at Rice and note briefly the strengths and challenges in those areas. Phase Two: we will outline the desired evolution of those elements and the means needed to bring greater cohesion to the environment as well as facilitate more creative applications in the pursuit of teaching, research, and internal study. The third phase will focus on calculating the costs associated with this proposed program.

Elements of the digital environment that CODE will likely undertake to study:

Information Technology

  • network
  • Av/Media
  • Student Services
  • Classrooms and Labs
  • telecommunications


  • digital content provision and maintenance
  • digital based services
  • teaching/consulting


  • Web development
  • middleware
  • expanded service potential

Research and Development

  • wireless
  • Connexions
  • CITI and its programs
  • Bioinformation
  • NanoInformation
  • digital library focused research

The Digital Library

  • existing models
  • examples of programs and projects
  • means to achieve strategic goals

International University Bremen

  • Internet connection
  • curriculum development
  • research program support

Texas Medical Center

  • image processing
  • multimedia searching
  • OPAC development

Academic Constituencies: Profiles of Needs and Usage Patterns

  • undergraduates
  • graduates
  • alumni relations
  • Deans Council
  • Provost's Office
  • profiles of scholarly methodologies within schools and disciplines

Administration: Profiles of Needs and Usage Patterns

  • President's Office
  • Resource Development
  • Enrollment Management
  • Budget Office
  • F & E
  • Institutional Research

General Sections

  • data at Rice
  • emerging technologies: how to plan for and integrate
  • network architecture
  • benchmarks and evaluation of digital environment
  • corporate/business/vendor relationships
  • the competition: assessment of digital environments at peer institutions

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